I’m a big fan of Warren Buffett . . .

but this is asinine. If he wants to pay more taxes, he could take more income during the year or just send the government a bigger check.

Further, is he implictly saying that giving money to the Gates Foundation (as he did in massive quantity) was worse that giving it to the government (which he will apparently only do if other people are forced to)? If not, why wouldn’t his example of having the government confiscate less from him so that he can give it to a charitable organization be the one to follow?

2 Responses to I’m a big fan of Warren Buffett . . .

  1. Robin Morrison says:

    Why does Warren consent to giving higher taxes only if his income peers are also forced to? It’s called the pooling effect. Even with the wealthy, giving more money in tax individually won’t make much impact whereas many wealthy paying more will.

    The Gates Foundation is essentially no different than those depts of the government aimed at improving commonwealth via various forms of stimulative or restorative charity: it is an over-large bureaucracy with, last report, about 1,200 employees and lord knows how many volunteers and adjunctees (I made that word up) who nonetheless must integrate with and therefore increase the complexity of the organization.

    Finally: the Gates Foundation is wonderfully solvent while our government is spending wayc more than it takes in, but seeing as how its the government of the biggest nation in the world, it falls under that dreadful and usually erroneously used concept of ‘too big to fail’.

  2. I

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