Obama and Ayers

I don't like talking politics, but I can't avoid commenting on the story of Obama and Ayers.  Here are my thoughts:

How did Ayers go from being the type of activist who actually kills people to bring on the revolution to the type of "activist" who holds fundraisers for state-level Democratic candidates in his house?  He must be an enormous idiot to think that getting some local politicians elected is going bring on the revolution.  Way to stick to man, Ayers!

Look, I'm not saying that our country isn't headed toward socialism – so maybe voting Democrat will bring that about (probably it will happen slightly faster than if you vote Republican).  My point is that both parties are part of the system.  As part of the system, they're not going to overthrow the system.  Ayers either must believe in a much lesser form of revolution than he used to believe in – in which case his past actions were wrong and he should certainly apologize (personally I am repulsed by his past actions, but I understand that liberals will excuse them because he had good motivations or some such BS) – or he's a friggin' idiot for thinking that the Democrat party will start the revolution.  That's not how politics in America works.


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