What happens when you drive out the rich

April 28, 2009

. . . and you're dependent on one industry.  You don't collect any money – New York tax revenue down 50%


More heat for the Bank of America/Merrill deal

April 27, 2009

In the FT and the WSJ

Political fragmentation

April 27, 2009

Good article

Who will bailout the bailout-men?

April 24, 2009

We may soon find out:

“The numbers basically confirm that Treasury is going to have to take some TARP money and reimburse the Fed,” said Whalen, whose financial-services research company analyzes banks for investors. “It is essentially up to the Treasury to get the Fed out of this.”


April 24, 2009

China is buying gold – big time

Mortgage modification

April 23, 2009

Meets a law suit and some unintended consequences:

The head of Greenwich Financial Services LLC warned bond investors in Washington last month that government efforts to reverse the housing slump are doing more harm than good by undermining debt contracts.

Sentence of the day

April 22, 2009

From The American:

If the evolution [continuing growth in the size of the special interest state] cannot be reversed, and the tendency toward expansion cannot be checked, and if at the same time the arrangements cannot expand forever, then we seem to have a paradox, because what cannot go on must stop.