Pretend for a moment . . .

that you know nothing about economics.  Why would you post blog entries on economic issues?  If you do, you're liable to end up saying something incredibly stupid.  Clusterstock has to point out the incredibly obvious:

Sorry Matt! We hate to bust your bubble, but you and your employer are being used for Wal-Mart's agenda, which is as greedy and selfish as ever. Actually, it's worse.

This is all about introducing a bill that will harm its competitors, particularly businesses of a slightly lower size that can't buy health insurance on the same scale. The company already has a major price and sourcing edge over its competitors, and this law would allow it to exploit that even more.

This is similar to when liberals got excited about the fact that Wal-Mart came out in favor of a higher minimum wage, even though Wal-Mart employees almost all make well over the minimum wage, meaning that such a law would only reduce margins at their competitors. You could go on and on.

This is change, as Matt says, but it's change for the worse. Whereas before, Wal-Mart always fought for the bone, now they're enlisting government (and the Center for American Progress) to impose higher costs on the competition.


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