The nihilism of game

I'm really sorry I was traveling during the great discussions about game that came up during the last couple weeks.  Much of the most interesting stuff was on Mr Auster's site (here and here, but in other posts as well).

I would like to belatedly summarize some thoughts.  Many on Mr Auster's site misunderstand the problem.  They accuse men (or perhaps more accurately boys) of my generation (I'm 28) of being whimps.  We are.  They tell us that game is not the proper pathway to manliness.  It's not.  They tell us to just grow up and be men.  We don't know how.  Who are our masculine role models?  We don't have any besides comic book villians and Rambo-types.  John Wayne is dead, feminism killed him.

The commenters on Mr Auster's site are telling to be something that we have never seen.  I agree that game is perhaps amoral, but I'll take amoral men over amoral boys always.  The moral project would be the restoration of manliness as a virtue (or even as a topic of discussion).  Perhaps we could all start by reading this.

Finally, both the games and Mr Auster seem to agree that civilization is crumbling.  Mr Auster would like us to rise to its defense and Roissy believes it's past the point of no return – civilization in the latter's view cannot be saved, so we might as well hasten its downfall so we can begin the process of rebuilding it sooner.  I'm not sure who is right, but if you believe civilization is past the point where saving it is possible, is it necessarily amoral and nihilistic to hasten its downfall?  I'm not as Mr Auster seems to be.

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