“This is the unfortunate truth – if you want to sell anything, you have to be cool.”

I agree with everything Mr Bardamu says in the first part of that post on libertarians and economists and their nerdiness. No amount of rap videos or anything else that the kids these days are into is going to make libertarianism cool.

But, I don’t think it’s fair to put the blame on libertarianism or good economics. The mass of people are idiots. I take the fact that most people don’t like libertarianism as a mark in its favor.

The real question then should not be: “what is the best way to sell libertarianism to the unthinking masses?” The real question should be: “how the hell can anyone with a brain think that the best way to run a country is to ask every idiot for their opinion and weight everyone’s opinions equally?”

As Carlyle said: “If of ten men, nine are recognizable as fools, which is a common calculation, [and probably a gross underestimate when it comes to governance]’ says our Intermittent Friend, ‘how in the name of wonder will you ever get a ballotbox to grind you out a wisdom from the votes of these ten men.”

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