Another epic fail for feminism

It turns out that women want what they had before feminism.

In my experience, even the most hardcore feminists I’ve met have ended up wanting to spend more time at home with their children. Most of them have been embarrassed to admit it. We have several close, couple friends in which the women are ardent feminists. Watching them have children and seeing the women immediately long for a 1950s lifestyle has been fun – almost as fun as watching them flee the city of D.C. so that they don’t have to send their children to crappy schools (i.e. schools with black kids). The left-creationist aspect of feminism denies this evolved trait, but the human race depends on a motherly instinct of some kind.

This exposes a problem with feminism, which is caused by the fact that the early feminists were over-educated and often lesbian – let’s be honest. What these women wanted has no relation to what normal women want. I’ve never heard a non-intellectual woman yearn to drop their kids off at day care so that they can be raised by someone else.

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