Where HBD and SWPLs collide

My wife and I went to a pregnancy clinic for the first ultrasound yesterday. We went to a large clinic in downtown DC.

When I entered the lobby, there were 5 white women and 3 black women waiting to see doctors (not counting my wife). Of the white women, 4 were with their husbands and the other was talking on the phone to her husband about what to give their child for dinner. Of the black women, 2 were alone and the other was with (what looked to be) her mother. At least 3 of the white women looked they had come directly from work. All three black women were wearing clothes that borderline-inappropriate to wear outside of the house (e.g. ratty sweatpants).

Living in DC, especially in a part of DC that is largely taken over by SWPLs but has been historically black, once is struck by little observations like these all the time.

Everybody pretends not to see them.

That doesn’t mean that they’re not there.

2 Responses to Where HBD and SWPLs collide

  1. Prime says:

    I’m surprised pregnant black women go see doctors at all. Good for them.

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