Nurse Jackie

We’ve been watching Nurse Jackie. I think that it may be the most anti-male show ever, unless the whole thing is meant as a giant critique of the eternal solipsism of the female mind. (Spoilers to follow).

Jackie is a nurse who leads a double life. At work, she dates the pharmacist who slips her drugs to feed her drug addiction. No one at work knows that she is also married with children. Her husband does all the housework, runs his own bar, and effectively raises their two children.

So, our main character is a drug-addicted adulterer who leaves the task of raising her children to her husband. And, I think we’re supposed to find her character sympathetic – can you come up with a better short explanation of what’s wrong with the 21st Century?

The men – the pharmacist and her husband – are incredibly nice and supportive and helpful. In return, she lives a life that revolves around betraying them. It’s probably worth noting that all the other men in the show are gay.

It’s not clear why Jackie betrays her lovers. She doesn’t even seem to enjoy doing it.

In a way, the show sums up all that’s wrong with feminism. You can see the decay of society in tidy, 30 minute increments. I guess, with that in mind, I can recommend it.

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