Where HBD and SWPLs collide

I previously posted an entry with this subject. I’ve had a couple discussions with Obsidian in his comments section. He seems to think that HBDers should shut up about blacks, since HBDers don’t live near blacks. I don’t understand his argument, but then, I rarely understand his arguments in his comments section.

This exchange got me thinking. I live in an area of DC that is historically black but has recently been invaded by SWPLs – super SWPLs. SWPLs acknowledge the existence of blacks in the area by talking about the "lack of safety" in the area and by talking about how "bad the schools are," but they never actually mention blacks specifically. So, the areas of the neighborhood that are still largely black are referred to as "unsafe" (which they are) but never as "mostly black" (which they are).

It seemed to me that Obsidian was implicitly arguing that if HBDers were around blacks more often, they would be less strident in their claims about differences between races. In one sense, I think he would be correct. I live around a lot of middle/upper-middle class blacks, who are great neighbors. In another sense, he’d be incorrect. Living in proximity makes the differences between races more obvious. So much so that even the super-SWPLs have developed code words (like "safety") to allow them to discuss the differences without having to explicitly acknowledge that the differences are race-based.

So, I was thinking that I’d start a series of posts in which I briefly describe some of the differences that I notice between the SWPLs and the HBDers. I’m going to kick it off with this post, in which I discuss Halloween.

Halloween is a big deal in the neighborhood. It starts early with the SWPL kids.

(A brief aside about DC with thanks to Steve Sailer: "Indeed, DC has by far the highest scoring white kids (15 points ahead of Massachusetts). It’s black students are no longer the lowest scoring, being four points ahead of Wisconsin. . . . Unfortunately, there aren’t enough white 8th graders in DC public schools for the NAEP to come up with an adequate sample size of white 8th graders in DC." All the white kids in the neighborhood are young, when they get older their families have to leave the neighborhood because "the schools are so bad" (read: the schools are heavily black). So, by 8th grade there are no more white kids around).

The SWPL kids were well coached. They all had serious costumes, all said "trick or treat" and all took one piece of candy. A couple kids asked if they could take two.

After about an hour and a half of this, the older kids (i.e. the black kids) started coming around. At that point, I was just holding out the bowl of candy, for the kids to take from.

The black kids would grab handfuls, so I had to start passing it out.

Only about 40% of the black kids were in costume (though one had the best costume of the night – an incredible Sherlock Holmes costume). The rest were just wearing normal clothes.

Most interesting, their mothers (none of whom were dressed up) also went trick-or-treating with them. The first time a mother held out her purse for me, I had no idea what to do. It took me 15 seconds to figure out that she wanted candy. The first year we were in the neighborhood, my neighbor was watching me the first time this happened and laughing at me. So, I was putting candy in the purses’ of random women who weren’t even dressed up. Happy Halloween in DC!

On one hand, I can understand the logic of the blacks – they’re thinking "these people are giving away candy, I might as well take some." On the other hand, the whole point of Halloween is for kids – it gets damn weird if grown adults start going around asking each other for candy.

If anyone is interested in these observations, I’ll keep posting them. If not, I’ll probably do it anyway. I’ll try to do at least one a week.

5 Responses to Where HBD and SWPLs collide

  1. Prime says:

    That’s funny. Kinda fits nicely into the whole ‘blacks have no shame about taking free stuff’ meme us HBDers ‘started’.

    One criticism of Obsidian’s that I do honestly take to heart is his pragmatic one. He never fails to remind us that our harping on about blacks really doesn’t do much of anything about the crime/IQ/affirmative action, etc. problem, or as I’d say, the entire Negro Problem. If we’re so smart, we ought to be focused on bringing about an end that we’d like to see, and not worrying ourselves with every little example of black dysfunction we find on the news. He has a point here.

  2. Prime says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy mocking blacks. I do plenty of it on my blog and in real life. But it gets old, like making fun of tards or midgets back in middle school got old. And after a while, I just want to use my brain to figure out the best method of reducing the population of blacks without committing any crime. It’s why I’m pro-abortion, pro-sterilization of violent offenders, and pro-drug legalization.

  3. Trew says:

    No trick, no treat.

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