Froude Society

Apparently, I’m only one book short of the Froude Society:

To join the Froude Society – actually, to become a deacon of the Froude Society – all you need to do is read three works of High Victorian political and historical criticism. I recommend this order: The Bow of Ulysses, by James Anthony Froude; Popular Government, by Henry Sumner Maine; and Latter-Day Pamphlets, by Thomas Carlyle. These books will change your life, or at least your mind.

Actually, if three books are all that is required, then I’m already in. You may now refer to me as Deacon Foseti.

It’s an honor and a privilege. Mr Moldbug’s post implies that C. Van Carter is a member. I get few readers and few commenters, but I am honored to say that C. Van Carter is among them. Apparently, the Froude Society has been developing for some time.

Mr Moldbug, however, is too humble. As I’ve said before, if I had read these works without introduction, I wouldn’t have gotten much out of them. It was only after a proper set up, from Mr Moldbug, that the works really opened up to me. Once they open up, they do change the world. Mr Moldbug says, "it is essential to read the Victorians before you read about the Victorians." This statement is only true to the extent that Mr Moldbug is not an honorary Victorian.

One Response to Froude Society

  1. Carter says:

    Froude is worth reading for his style alone. It’s funny how familiar his contempary critics sound.

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