Obsidian has an 850 word post complaining about people who hide behind a computer and complain about stuff. Seriously. He also criticized bloggers for blogging anonymously – I was unaware that Obsidian was his real, full name. He also complains about the use of acronyms, but he uses 21 acronyms in his post.

I’m not going to comment there, because he shuts down any interesting lines of comment. But, I will comment here.

The only relevant part of his giant post is this:

Anyway, what I find fascinating about the HBDers’ jihad against SWPLdom, is the fact that while they vilify said class for being hypocrites, such as being gung-ho for Black folks yet carefully steer their kids from attending Black schools, the HBDers aren’t much better. For all intents and purposes, these guys ARE SWPLs themselves-they haven’t worked a hard day in their lives, have attended, if not Ivies, at the least decent Big State Unis, work in cubicles pushing pencils, wouldn’t be caught dead in a Micky D’s drive thru, and have many of the other trappings of the pampered SWPL set. Ah, but the difference, you see Obsidian, is that the HBDers are keeping it real-by telling the truth about life, the way the world works, and all the “pretty lies” that SWPLs trade in.


Er, no.

I would have assumed that it was relatively obvious that the HBDers’ complaints against the SWPLs are based on the inherent contradiction between the SWPL hostility to any form of "white" culture and the obvious cultural norms observed by the SWPLs. SWPLs do everything on this list. The list signifies that there is a "white culture." Yet, SWPLs are hostile to any notion of white culture.

HBDers are not hostile to the notion that white people are different from other people in certain ways – in fact, that notion is central to HBD. Hence, for HBDers, there is no contradiction in observing any "white" norms. SWPLs should be mocked – they obviously observe cultural norms, but refuse to recognize them as such. That is why Stuff White People Like is funny.

I’ve said before that if HBDers did live in close proximity to blacks, the strength of their beliefs would be solidified, not lessened. For example, on my way to work today, I got to hear a giant black guy loudly singing along to the "music" in his headphones about killing snitches. He had to stop every few seconds to pull up his pants. I also live near lots of black people who meet every criteria listed by Obisidian, i.e. they haven’t worked a hard day in their lives, attended an Ivy, etc. I don’t see why this is relevant one way or another.

For what it’s worth, I love McDonald’s drive thru.

4 Responses to Obsidian

  1. xsplat says:

    For whatever it’s worth I find Obsidian to be rather thick. I’m surprised he has as large an audience he does, and more surprised still that some of them are admirers. I find him obtuse.

  2. OneSTDV says:

    Why do we in the HBD/MRA/Game communities give so much attention to Obsidian? Does he ever make a clear point?

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