More Froude

The English in the West Indies is really a gold mine:

The Rome of Tra­jan was im­mea­sur­ably more splen­did than the Rome of the Sci­pios; yet the progress had been down­wards nev­er­the­less. If the ob­ject of our ex­is­tence on this plan­et is the de­vel­op­ment of char­ac­ter, if the cul­mi­nat­ing point in any na­tion’s his­to­ry be that at which it pro­duces its no­blest and bravest men, facts do not tend to as­sure us that the tri­umphant march of the last hun­dred years is ac­com­plish­ing much in that di­rec­tion.

Alas, the next hundred years after that have not put us back on course.

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