Alt Right on classes

The lower class:

I posit that modern lower class people in America are human beings who have largely been ruined by the managerial state and other forms of defective culture. Sure, we’ve always had a lower class, but in the old days, most of them were "lower middle class" in that they had jobs. Since the upper middle class has all the power, it is in their best interests to grow this class. I’m not saying UMC people run around plotting ways to fill up the ghettos. I’m sure it’s mostly unconscious, as is are most things about social class, but the way things play out, most classes do things which are in their self interests, or they fade away (like the upper class has).

The working class:

The working class has suffered greatly under the new/post 1970s regime. I’d go so far as to say this is because of a conscious hostility from the upper middle class who run everything. Many of their factory jobs are gone forever. Their families have been devastated by "social welfare" programs, and their neighborhoods have become crime ridden, due to the all the lower class uncivilized state-funded bastards running around. The prospering lower middle-class people are the tradesmen: electricians, plumbers, technicians, contractors — though these guys are in some trouble from immigration also. Still, the working class has preserved many virtues: the virtues of hard work and manliness not the least among them.

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