The Fed’s bill of rights

From GBFM:

your daughter shall have the right 2 be assocked by thugmen of her choosing

men whose ancsetsors wrote greats books and classics of freedom shall be deemed guilty in any altercations and jailed lzozllzlzl

any attempt to discipline a girl who has a right to her own body and can let in any thugcocks as she siwshes will be a felony resulting in incacertaion

any attempt to impose deceny or standadrths on a owman above and beyond butthex will be riducled and castigated and impguned

the purpose of a man is to pay 4 thugchildren as teh fed grows the underclass and erodes freeedom

all men must pay for thugoffspring either by being cuckolded by tehri wives or cuckolded by a government which forces men to pay for chiclden that are not theirsz lozlzozzlllo

henceofrth only men who cooperate in secrteiv tapings of butthex and the fed’s deosuling progams wwill be wired fiat bernankecahs from powrful womenz ecxucitives lzozlzo

men sho suggets their are highter entiteis than getting it or putting it up the butt are to be exiled and defunded and denied bernankecash as tehir assetts are seized and given to the douchebagslututopia brave new neocon world lzozlzozlzlzllzlzlzlz

Translations here

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