Don’t shave like a girl

There was some discussion a while back about the expense of shaving.

You really should be shaving old school.

The start up costs are a bit high. At a minimum you’ll need a safety razor. This is the one I use and it will set you back about $35.

Then you’ll need some razor blades. I’d suggest a sampler pack to start – another $35. Once you do that, you can buy the razor blades you like best in bulk. This is my brand – note that’s about $0.11 per razor blade. You’ll recoup your start-up costs in no time. The 11 cent blades will give you several shaves each and the shave will be better than the crappy one you’re getting from your $8.00, 7-blade razor.

Plus, you’ll be shaving with something that you’re wife will be afraid to use to shave her legs.


9 Responses to Don’t shave like a girl

  1. Buckethead says:

    Wouldn’t old school shaving really be one of these:

    • Foseti says:

      Yes. That would also be badass.

      I’m considering giving it a try, but I’m not sure it’s worth the start up costs.

      • Buckethead says:

        The TCO on a straight razor would have to be lower than anything that requires replacement blades. But yes, it is all upfront cost. I’ve been thinking of switching for a while, but just haven’t gotten around to it. Also, I found a job lot of disposable razors a while back, and I’ll be months still going through those.

  2. Shaving? What’s that? Be a man and grow a beard.

  3. Speaking of straight razors – you may appreciate this old Australian poem from ‘Banjo’ Paterson at

  4. Matt says:

    I read an article that I can’t find now about basically ditching even shaving cream – apparently takes a few weeks for your face to adjust.

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