Progressivism and the mosque

Proponents of the mosque by the former site of the Twin Towers (i.e. Progressives) say that Muslims will be offended by a reaction against mosque-building at the site.

Progressives seem to assume that Muslims have the same values that Progressives have. In other words, Progressives assume that Muslims will value openness, dialogue, tolerance and acceptance among Americans.

This assumption is wrong.

Muslims still believe in honor – they kill female relatives that have sex outside of marriage, for example. These people do not respect "tolerance." They think tolerance is gay.

If you really want Muslims to respect you, then you should look to their culture to see what they respect. They don’t respect tolerance. I think they’re more likely to respect a society that would prevent a mosque being built in downtown NY. They may not like the decision, but "like" and "respect" are different.


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