I’m back and hungover

I took the weekend off to gut the half-bathroom in my house. It’s re-tile and the plumbing is basically done. I’m still waiting for a faucet and a toilet to finish.

While I was working, it seems that Talleyrand and Alkibiades retired from blogging. They also deleted all their old writing, which sucks.

A while back, I mentioned Aristotle’s thoughts on friendship: "Aristotle, who saw friendship as essential to human flourishing, shrewdly observed that it comes in three distinct flavors: those based on usefulness (contacts), on pleasure (drinking buddies), and on a shared pursuit of virtue—the highest form of all."

I like to think to think that there are several bloggers with whom I share a "pursuit of virtue."

It’s sad to see some of them go.

So sad, in fact, that I had to drink quite a few of these.


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