Review of “When Gravity Fails” by George Effinger

This book is another detective sci-fi novel.

It’s one of the better ones that I have read, in that it manages to be both legitimate science fiction and legitimate detective story. The sci-fi is probably the more interesting part, but the two intersect nicely.

It’s set in a world in which the Soviet Union and US collapse at roughly the same time. The result is that the first- and second-world revert to small principalities or kingdoms. The book is set in the Muslim portion of the world – and the Muslims are getting set to take over the world. I found this setting interesting and absolutely believable.

The other interesting bit is that people have Matrix-style inputs directly into their brains that allow them to take on different personalities or to instantly knowing everything about any subject. Needless to say, this creates some interesting possibilities for a detective novel.



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