Gentrification in action

The neighborhood just north of where I live is undergoing a very rapid gentrification. The process is fascinating to watch to those of the HBD persuasion.

The H Street Corridor was once a bustling commercial neighborhood in DC. Then, after MLK was assassinated, the blacks in the area destroyed it. Wikipedia says that builds were "severely damaged" during the riots. That is an understatement. At that point, any remaining whites (and capable blacks) fled. The neighborhood stayed a shit-hole until a few years ago. The few businesses that remained were barber shops or fried chicken places.

The neighborhood has undergone a renaissance because it is just north of Capitol Hill, which is now highly gentrified (for example, a two-bedroom house a couple blocks south of H Street will still cost well over $500,000). The city is also putting in a street car line that will connect H Street to Union Station. Finally, the burned out remnants of civilization were still less than two miles from the Capitol and they’re zoned commercial in a city in which commercial space is increasingly scarce and expensive.

The first businesses that moved back to H Street are discussed here. The HBD-aware will note that one would have trouble coming up with a list of places more perfectly designed to repel black people. Of course, one is not supposed to mention this fact.

Walking around the area is odd. Homeless people fill the streets, yet the restaurants are full of SWPLs.

The strangest part to me, is that blacks in the area are generally opposed to gentrification. At first, this positions seems reasonable: after all, their neighborhood is being taken over, and they are being driven out. However, they treated their neighborhood like shit. They literally burned it to the ground and then didn’t re-build it. Many of the blacks in the area own property, so gentrification should make them wealthy. I just can’t muster up any sympathy for people who destroyed their neighborhood.


4 Responses to Gentrification in action

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