A while back, I posted on DC streets at night.

Well, the District has decided to try to solve this problem by emitting high-pitched noises that will bother teens hanging out on the street for long periods of time.

Interestingly, I’ve used the same strategy to rid my house of mice.

Anyway, the comments to the piece are priceless – SWPL indignation at its highest.


2 Responses to Follow-up

  1. theobsidianfiles says:

    Why do you have so much animus toward SWPL folk?


    • Foseti says:


      You did a post a while back saying that HBDers should stop complaining about the actions of blacks (crime, in particular, I think) because everyone is aware of the reality.

      I wish that were true, but as you’ll see if you read the comments to that post, the SWPLs are not aware of the reality. In fact, they are uncomfortable with anyone who even hints at the reality.

      Entire neighborhoods of the city I live in are off-limits to law-abiding citizens during certain times because of crime. SWPLs prevent anyone from taking steps to solve this problem.

      Like it or not, SWPLs are our governing class – particularly in DC, but generally in most major cities. They won’t even allow people to discuss the problems in an honest manner.

      Perhaps more broadly, I should say that don’t really have animum toward SWPLs. I like living near them. Living near them in Seattle and Minneapolis was great. Living near them in DC has a different set of consequences because of what I have just described. I enjoy pointing out those consequences.

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