Misunderstanding Roissy

I am misunderstanding Roissy when he says:

Maxim #102: The hottest babes will not be found in prosperous countries, but in countries on the verge of prosperity. The world’s ugliest women will continue to be found in backward primitive societies.

I take it to mean that he then thinks Russia and Eastern Europe are on the verge of prosperity?

If so, I’m going to have to disagree, which is very unusual. His theory works very well for Brazil, for example. I think it fails miserably for Eastern Europe (and China – I was there a while ago and the ladies were not hot – demure and feminine, but not hot).


5 Responses to Misunderstanding Roissy

  1. Joseph B says:

    His rule definitely fails with regards to Japan, which has not seen the same processed food carnage so prevalent in the rich West. As for China, where were you? If I had to guess based on your description, I’d say either Beijing, Hong Kong or somewhere other than a rich flashy city. I.e., it depends where you go, and even the neighborhood.

    • Foseti says:

      Hong Kong had decent looking women compared to Beijing – neither were particularly incredible though, like China’s growth like.

      Good point on Japan.

  2. Joseph B says:

    I was not bowled over by either HK or Beijing as well. That’s what I was guessing. You should give some of the other cities a chance if you visit again.

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