A Ministry of Birth

The Asian of Reason proposes that government create a Ministry of Birth:

The proper solution to dysgenic patterns of demographic change is more government, not less. My solution will be highly offensive to liberals because they believe in equality, to Christian conservatives because they hate abortion, and to libertarian conservatives who think that liberty is important. It is, nonetheless, necessary for the prevention of the destruction of the great American society.

I propose a new government bureaucracy be formed to regulate demographic change in the US. Let’s call it the Ministry of Birth. The job of the MOB will be primarily to assess the situation of couples or individuals wishing to give birth and to grant the privilege of childbirth to those who they deem capable of family formation. All births will be regulated by the MOB. Enforcement of laws would be executed by the "birth police". Unlike the one-child policy of China, this proposal would be more flexible, allowing for people to have anywhere from 0 to infinity children. Any unapproved pregnancies would be summarily terminated. Unapproved births would result in harsh penalties for the parents responsible. The illegitimate child will become a ward of the state.

As you may know, my first child is due in about 7 weeks. It’s been very strange to see how little regulation of the child-birth process there is – having a child requires much less government registration than buying a car, for example. It is odd that given how many things are regulated in our society, you’re basically free to have as many children as you want.

I’m not sure that AOR’s proposal is as un-libertarian as he thinks it is. After all, children born to those that currently take large amounts of government assistance are in turn very likely to take large amounts of government assistance. If one believes that forced redistribution of wealth from productive citizens to unproductive citizens is a violation of the rights of the former, then eliminating or reducing that violation would enhance liberty. On the other hand, restricting child-birthing rights would reduce liberty. Who is to say how the scale of liberty balances?

I’m sure lots of libertarians will have strong views, but I certainly don’t know. The calculation gets even more complicated when you realize how many of our laws and regulations are only on the books because of people with low IQs. For example, people with high IQs don’t loiter. The boon to freedom that might result from restricting childbirth could be huge.


9 Responses to A Ministry of Birth

  1. theobsidianfiles says:

    How do you feel about student grants? Medicaid? Social Security? These are three examples of “forced redistribution of wealth” are they not? And if not, why?

    Please explain?

    Let’s start there.


    • Foseti says:

      Yes they are. Once again, I oppose all forms of forced government assistance as long as our political system remains democratic. As I’ve said before, these programs are not aimed at helping people – something that they demonstrably do not do. Instead, they are aimed at creating voters for bigger government. Under a different political system, I might support some benefits to people “who’ve fall on hard times.”

  2. robert61 says:

    One way of mitigating the dysgenic effects of the welfare state would be to require all fertile women receiving government assistance to take a Norplant shot. Too bad there’s no long-lasting yet temporary male contraceptive as well. It would be even better if the requirement could be extended to all net consumers of public funds, though it would be pretty hard to figure out exactly who they are at a given time. Of course, disparate impact lawsuits would make it impossible to pass such a law. Even I find the idea pretty creepy and Orwellian – and I think it’s a great idea. Requiring some sort of board certification to become a parent seems more intrusive and more prone to corruption.

    I often wonder how services like the ones mentioned by Obsidian would be provided in lieu of government interference. My guess is that private groups would provide them with strings attached – e.g., you might have to belong to the ethny of an ethnic group association providing the benefit, or go through the motions of believing in the creed of a creedal organization, or perform some sort of public service for a service-oriented organization. On the whole, I think this would be an great improvement. It would also probably be eugenic, since anyone seeking aid would have to convince someone providing aid that he or she worth the investment.

  3. aretae says:

    The problem is that this approach assumes a non-evil government. Assuming an actual, real world government makes this frightening.

  4. Foseti-

    Have you have read the article The Roman State and Genetic Pacification. Should the Ministry of Birth also select for children with more testosterone to counteract the natural tendency of civilizations to grow more docile, less courageous, and less vigorous over time?

    I don’t think the problem of underclass predation is primarily due to genetics. I think its malleable enough via old school techniques of discipline and moral indoctrination that eugenics is not necessary.

    Also, if your goal is to balance the birth rates, the place to start is to eliminate the interventions that are skewing incentives to have children. Stop subsidizing colleges, change the culture so that forgoing children is not considered high status, and having children young is not considered low status.

    • Foseti says:

      Thanks for the article.

      I think you’re probably right, but I’m still intrigued by the idea . . . and the inability to totally dismiss it on libertarian grounds.

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