Where HBD and SWPLs collide VI

In which an elderly handicapped woman is gon’ get the shit slapped out of her bitch-ass.

I’ve been leaving work early (~4:30) for the last couple weeks. My train on the metro at that time is 90% black. The scenes on the metro have been interesting.

The subway in DC, the metro, has some older cars that look like this (actually that picture is of the really old cars which are now gone, but we’re interested in the area around the doorway, which is unchanged in the still operating older cars).

The doorway in the picture is about a yard (a meter) wide. Notice that on either side of the doorway is a wall that sticks out a couple feet (roughly half a meter).

These walls that stick out around the door are a popular place to lean if there are no seats available. However, someone standing in one of these spots blocks part of the doorway when the doors open. Therefore, considerate people that stand in those spots exit the train at crowded stops to let others off. Then they re-board the train.

I would guess that 95% of white people on a crowded train at a crowded station will exit the train and then re-board. Roughly 30% of black people will do the same. The rest just stand there, in the way.

Yesterday on my way home, a very fat black woman (at least I’m pretty sure she was female) was leaning against the wall. She was dressed for work, which seemed to be as a security guard at government building. Therefore, we’re talking about a solidly middle class person – the security guards at my office all drive cars that cost at least $40,000. Since she was fat, when she leaned on the wall, she blocked nearly half the doorway.

After a couple stops, a elderly woman with a walker boarded the train on the side opposite the fat-door-blocker.

A couple of stops later, the elderly woman began to exit the train. This time, the doors opened on the side on which the fat-door-blocker was standing.

The elderly woman’s walker was almost exactly as wide as the area of the door that was not blocked by fat security guard. So, the elderly woman asked the door-blocker to please exit the train so that she could get by.

The fat guard ignored the request.

The elderly woman asked again.

The fat guard ignored the request.

The elderly woman pushed by with much difficulty and exited the train.

The fat security guard waited about 10 seconds and then shouted after the elderly handicapped woman, "I’m gon’ slap the shit outta yo’ bitch-ass."

Then she laughed to herself. The guy next to her laughed to. After all, nothing is funny like threatening to beat up elderly handicapped people.

Those of us on the train sat there in an unsurprised silence.

No one dared to question why this proto-person can enjoy all the benefits of civilization without being bound by any of its norms. Why question it when we all know the answer . . .


3 Responses to Where HBD and SWPLs collide VI

  1. […] Foseti – “A Ministry of Birth“, “Where HBD and SWPLs Collide VI” […]

  2. m.m says:

    Could you define “SWPL”? I know it as Stuff White People Like, and google yielded this: http://www.halfsigma.com/2009/06/swpl-white-educated-liberal-bohemian.html, which slightly makes more sense but doesn’t definitively answer whether it’s the same as your definition. Also, what is HBD?

    PS: Green line much?

    • Foseti says:

      Actually I ride the Orange and Blue lines, but I’m heading east out of the city – at 4:30. Even I try to avoid the Green Line.

      For SWPL, think the ruling class. Basically, we’re talking urban, trendy, liberal, white people.

      HBD (human bio-diversity) is Steve Sailer’s coinage. To oversimplify, it’s the idea that differences between the races are largely genetic and therefore that “gaps” between races in achievement cannot be meaningfully closed.

      So, my post titles are an attempt to make fun on SWPLs who believe in complete and total equality by showing that when the races mix, there are still obvious racial differences.

      In this case SWPLs love public transportation. Unfortunately, when you combine public transport with large black populations, you get some unintended results that all the SWPLs studiously ignore.

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