Moldbug on foreign policy


What America really excels at is not the imposition of order, but its destruction. The story of the American Century is the story of exported revolution – chaos, disorder and crime – in the name of aid and/or progress. Destroying all genuinely independent sources of authority is the bread and butter of "internationalist" diplomacy. Don’t cry for Grenada – cry for Rhodesia.

American diplomacy will engage with the most brutal of thugs, so long as those thugs originated as clients of our exported revolution. It loves, absolutely itches, to change a Batista for a Castro, a Nicholas II for a Lenin, a Pahlavi for a Khomeini, a Smith for a Mugabe, a Chiang for a Mao. Worse, it exhibits mens rea – it knows this game is wrong, never stops playing it, and hates nothing more than getting caught in the act.

Indeed, the American people bear substantial national guilt for allowing this diplomatic establishment to operate in our name and with our resources. Military leaders are also to blame, for accepting its direction – for instance, for fighting the wars in Korea, Vietnam, and now Afghanistan under rules which it knows perfectly well preclude victory. After MacArthur was fired, no honorable officer should have been willing to accept his position. And no honorable officer should be asking soldiers to die for the ridiculous pseudo-war in Afghanistan – exactly as with Vietnam.

. . .

Keep the neutrality for Europe, President Monroe (a ventriloquist’s dummy for John Quincy Adams, himself reciting the prayers of George Canning) says; but first, we’ll product-test our exported republicanism on Latin America. How’s that 200 years of revolution workin’ out for ya, Latin America? Got that brotherhood of man all goin’ and shit, Venezuela? Are you walking the shining path of liberty, equality and fraternity, Peru? Then, in ’45, the Monroe Doctrine goes global. Now all hemispheres of the planet can share the glorious experience of Third World government. And boy, do they.


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