Banks as GSEs

I hope this idea, which I’ve expressed before, continues to gain momentum.


One Response to Banks as GSEs

  1. JohnK says:

    But look at the proposed remedies upon ‘facing reality’; not only in the article itself, but especially in the comments, and despair: Marx predicted this; look to Gramsci; etc. As far as I can tell, only a few commenters said anything like this:

    “So we’ve identified the banking sector today as fascist. This was Mussolini’s concept of big business partnered with big government, as against any newcomers and of course as against the citizens.

    “Instead of recognizing this and realizing that this must end, the opposite conclusion is formed: we need to regulate them more?!?

    “While we may be close to penetrating the Big Lie that banks today are a bastion of capitalism, we seem to be far, far away from penetrating the Big Lie that the State knows what’s best, or could execute it even if it did!”

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