Long weekend – random thoughts

We just got back from a long weekend.

We had a wedding in Rhode Island on Saturday night, so we drove up early and spend a day in Provincetown, MA. Say what you will about gay people, but it’s clear to me that they make good neighbors. The town is beautiful, orderly, filled with good food and surprisingly decent art, and far away from DC.

It’s too bad we’ve all gotten so caught with debating gay marriage. Fighting about who is allowed to get married now seems to me to totally miss the point. It’s like fighting about who gets to be a Roman citizen 450 AD. The collapse of marriage – like the collapse of Rome – is coming. I’m often tempted to agree with opponents of gay marriage. If I had to bet, I would bet that democratizing will not save marriage, just like democratization didn’t save the Catholic Church or Republic in the US.

Then we had some time in Newport, RI. Old school rich people used to do cool stuff with their money.

If the wedding was any indication, new school rich people are much less creative.


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