More libertarian retardation

Yesterday, you may have heard that President Obama said:

America can absorb another terrorist attack.

Before we get to our example of libertarian retardation, let’s take a minute to analyze this statement from two vantage points: 1) politically and 2) from the libertarian point of view.

Politically, the statement was really dumb. A half-intelligent politician (let alone the President talking to a Washington Post reporter!) should be able to manage to avoid getting quoted saying something like this. No serious person thinks that the US will instantly disintegrate into some sort of Mad Max-style world if we have another terrorist attack. The point is therefore trivial. However, a President’s job is to stop terrorist attacks not discuss our ability to absorb them. You may think that this is a ridiculous standard, but it is the standard that Presidents are held to.

From a libertarian viewpoint, the statement is probably false. One terrorist attack gave us a couple interminable wars, shitty Presidents and large swathes of new un-libertarian regulations. America, the political entity, may be able to absorb another terrorist attack, but post-attack-America will much less libertarian, perhaps almost unrecognizably so from even a 1990s libertarian perspective.

Here’s the statement that I want to call out:

If [Obama] did indeed say it, it’s the most sensible, pro-America thing a politician has said about terrorism in recent memory.

Firstly, it’s not "pro-America" to say that America can absorb a terrorist attack (I don’t think it’s anti-America either, necessarily, but I think assessing the "America-ness" of inane political statements is idiotic). I honestly don’t even know what that comment means.

Secondly, as I’ve said, it’s not a sensible thing for a politician to say. At best, it’s trivially true and damaging to say. So don’t say it.


16 Responses to More libertarian retardation

  1. theobsidianfiles says:

    Hi Foseti,
    First, please name me a President in US history, who was and identified himself as, a Libertarian?

    Can you please name me some self-identified Libertarians in the US Congress, past or present?

    Finally, if Libertaarianism is so right, exact and corect, why does it have such a shitty political track record in terms of wins. How di it work out for Barry Goldwater in his campaign against LBJ? What was the voting results again?



    • Foseti says:

      I’ve been criticizing the mainstream libertarian movement. Why are you asking me to defend it?

      I like the idea of smaller government, but I don’t like the idea of weaker government.

      Finally, just because something is not democratically popular, does not mean it is wrong.

    • Trevor Burgerstories says:

      Best hamburger in the world? McDonald’s. They’ve sold the most. And, it must also be the healthiest food in the world.

  2. theobsidianfiles says:

    I didn’t ask for a defense of Libertarianism, just a short list of self-identified Libertarian politicians. Can you list any, please? Or do I take your refusal to do so as meaning, you CAN’T?

    And, in a democracy, size matters. If you have right ideas, they mean nothing at the end of the day if you can’t convice enough people to go along with them. There is something inherent in the Libertarian philosophy that turns people off, Foseti.

    Do you agree?

  3. theobsidianfiles says:

    YES, because it shows a proven track record of SUCCESS, something Libertarians cannot speak about, firsthand. In America, the name of the game is to get enough people who will believe in you and what you stand for, and since Goldwater, Libertarianism as a political philosophy, has consistently FAILED. Again. And again. And again.

    Merely whining and bitching solves nothing, Foseti. I can’t imagine why ostensibly cognitively superior guys like you continue to fall prey to failed ideas and notions that have proven not to work, decades ago: eugenics, libertarianism, etc et al. And guys like you say there’s no real downside to being an extreme right ender?

    Ever heard of clever sillies? If you haven’t, you can look it up on my blog, I discuss the matter quite a bit.



  4. ScottS says:

    You do realize that Foseti is against libertarianism, right?

    I’m thinking we’re looking at another major logic fail here.

  5. theobsidianfiles says:

    Foseti, Scott,
    OK then, Foseti is dead set against Libertarianism.

    I want to hear what his Cognitive Highness sees as the solutions to our nation’s many problems. Anyone can be a critic, doesn’t take much brainpower to throw tomatos.

    This is at leas in part, an HBD forum. Whites are presumed to be superior to Blacks cognitively. It can be assumed that Foseti sees himself as part of the cognitively superior group.

    Fair enough then-I now ask Foseti to present what he sees are solutions to our nation’s problems, in light of these facts? He doesn’t like Obama-fine. Who would he suggest make a better POTUS, and why?


    • Foseti says:

      This may be a HBD forum, but HBD does not suggest that I am a member of any superior group. It merely suggests that – picking at random – you’d expect a specific white person to have a higher IQ than a specific black person. Nothing more. Thinking statistically can be difficult.

      This blog is also an anti-democracy forum. I therefore recommend replacing the modern US government structure (including POTUS) with a structure that resembles the Board of a modern joint-stock company.

      I do not offer solutions to insoluble problems. Apparently you consider this a failure. I consider it a simple matter of elementary logic. No one has solutions to insoluble problems – generally, they just have something they’re trying to sell you. Asking how to make every student in Newark brilliant is no different than asking how to create a perpetual motion machine. Being anything other than a critic in these cases is impossible.

    • Trevor Burgerstories says:

      I don’t know Foseti, but I don’t think you (or Americans) would allow the solutions proposed by him or libertarians or anarco-capitalists.

      My friend asked for a burger with bacon and cheese that he could eat for every meal, but he also wanted to lose a lot of weight. I was critical of his plans and did not offer anything he felt was a solution. My friend passed away…from cancer. Get the point?

  6. theobsidianfiles says:

    Uh, I certainly didn’t suggest making every student in the Newark schools “brilliant”, I am only asking YOU how do we fix the current situation where half of all their students don’t graduate. Sure, thinking in terms of stats and data may be difficult but it shouldn’t be too hard to apply some commonsense, either: is it really a good idea to have a society where half of all of highschool studens fail, Foseti?


  7. kx59 says:

    really? wow. The president makes a “let them eat cake” statement. Foseti’s analysis is in the exact same vane, and everyone chases down rabbit holes. The teleprompter in chief’s statement is very telling about his attitude towards the little and me..and this is what you debate over?

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