Is “Machete” libertarian?

Roderick Long thinks so. He also lists some reasons why.

I notice that he leaves off a bullet for the fact that the movie glorifies cutting the heads off of your opponents.

But other than that . . . maybe he’s on to something! Here’s how I’d add to the bullets:

  • It’s explicitly in favour of open borders.

And if you aren’t, you should have your head cut off.

  • It’s implicitly in favour of the right to bear arms.

So that you can cut off people’s heads.

  • It dramatises countereconomic resistance to government (“the Network”).

By cutting off people’s heads

  • It also dramatises the “Baptists and bootleggers” dynamic, as well as the role of government in helping to cartelise the very industries it claims to be trying to protect people from.

Just to be clear, it’s the government’s fault that people are getting their heads cut off.

  • It explicitly endorses the Socratic-Stoic-Ciceronian-Augustinian-Thomistic-Spoonerite principle that an unjust law is not a law.

And therefore you can cut the heads off of people who try to enforce the unjust law.

  • By contrast with Cory Doctorow’s (otherwise excellent) Little Brother, whose ending disappointed me, Machete does not end with a reformist exhortation to work within the system; on the contrary, it ends with two of the main characters renouncing forms of state authorisation that they have been given. (I’m being deliberately vague to avoid spoilers.)

And cutting off the heads of everyone else.

Clearly, the movie is highly libertarian!


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