Anacostia braces for an influx of white liberals

It appears that lots of out-of-towners are again going to be transported to DC for another meaningless political rally.

When the Tea Partiers were here, the locals made fun of them because someone told them which parts of DC to avoid for safety reasons. (I apparently live in an unsafe area).

Tea Partiers probably don’t live in close proximity to minorities, so they don’t understand elitism protocol for discussing minorities. First: never say "minorities." You are allowed to mention "safety" and quality of schools. But, these can only be mentioned abstractly. Thus, you’re allowed to complain about the safety of a neighborhood, but you’re not allowed to specify the precise boundaries of areas that are unsafe, since doing so would make it clear that lack of safety coincides with lots of minorities. In short, anything that gets close to hinting that minorities and crime might go together must be discussed as abstractly as possible.

If you can’t follow this, just do what most elites do: move to the suburbs and then judge everyone who actually lives close to minorities.

My guess is that the influx of liberals this weekend will stay inside the exact same boundaries outlined on the map. I think they will probably do a better job of not venturing outside the boundary than the Tea Partiers. After all, most of this week’s crowd will probably be staying with friends that live safely inside the appropriate areas.

Maybe I’m wrong, in which case Anacostia should brace for a huge day of tourism.


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