Apologists for government

My neighborhood listserv has become a forum for apologizing for crappy government services.

Someone complained that his mail was not coming on certain days and often coming after 10pm. The consensus on the listserv was that he should be happy he lives in a country with regular mail delivery.

Someone else complained about a homeless guy (I can’t write homeless man) who is living on the corner. The homeless guy hangs his laundry in the park – and his laundry smells unpleasant. The consensus on the listserv was that the resident should not complain to the police. After all, they have more important things to do.

Have the standards by which modern progressives measure the effectiveness of government really fallen this low?

Maybe I should move to Idaho . . . unfortunately no one in Idaho is stupid enough to pay me lots of money in exchange for small amounts of work. I guess there are some upsides to governmental inefficiencies!


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