The decline of American ability

It would be sweet if I could get from DC to Boston in 3 hours. That travel time would actually be an improvement from the time it took in 1960 – sort of.

But, apparently building a high-speed rail line between these two cities (approximately 440 miles apart) will take until 2040!

That means that 21st Century America is capable of laying a bit less than 15 miles of track per year.

James J. Hill is either laughing or crying in his grave, depending on whether he had a sense of humor.


One Response to The decline of American ability

  1. robert61 says:

    Trains have not been a priority in the US for a long time. I used to take the train between Boston and New York frequently in the 80s. There was always a long wait in New Haven while they switched engines, because the line was not electrified after New Haven. Amazing. New Haven to Boston (Yale to Harvard) is the only route outside the third world and the more backward Soviet-era East where I have been on a diesel-powered train. The service is much better now, but it’s still pretty slow. Even in the old days, though, it was a little quicker than driving and then you didn’t have to deal with a car in the city.

    Upgrading the Washington-Boston corridor to maglev would have been a cool use of the stimulus pork; at least we’d have an awesome bullet train along with all the debt.

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