The joy of diversity

Some of you that live in less diverse areas of the country may be unaware of the many benefits of diversity. So I thought I would share an experience from yesterday.

By way of background, my wife is in her final month of pregnancy and she’s carrying a rather large child (88th percentile).

Yesterday my wife picked me up from the train station, as I was getting back from NY.

As I was walking out of the train station, she was walking across the main road in front of the station.

She doesn’t walk as fast as she used to, and she was apparently walking too slowly for a black gentlemen in a car who had been forced to stop at the crosswalk to let her pass.

The gentleman rolled down his window and shouted: "hurry up, you fat white bitch."

I was overcome with the warm glow of being at home.


13 Responses to The joy of diversity

  1. theobsidianfiles says:

    Qhy didn’t you step to the guy in the car? You’re cool with letting other Men disrespect your Woman in your presence?


  2. theobsidianfiles says:

    You didn’t say that in your post above; you spoke as if the Man was alone in the car.

    So, let me ask you: if he had been alone in the car, would you have stepped to him or not, and why? And, what does your wife think of you in tht you don’t seem all the interested in defending her honor?


    • Foseti says:

      I would not have stepped to him.

      My wife would think I was a fucking moron if I went around getting into fights. Her honor is no way tied to any statements made by the sort of guy that yelled at her. Frankly, we both take it as a good sign that a dude like that doesn’t like us. She knows I’ll defend myself and her in meaningful situations, which is an important caveat.

      The “honor” culture faded out a couple hundred years ago. At this point, participating in it is a sign that you’re a prole. The honor culture only remains in the poor-white-trash community and the urban black community at this point (on this issue, I agree with Thomas Sowell ).

  3. theobsidianfiles says:

    That’s very interesting, since there used to be duels and fistfights in the US Senate.

    I am curious, under which circumstance would you defend your wife’s honor?


    • Foseti says:

      As I said, a couple hundred years ago, the honor culture faded out. (Some have contended that blacks inherited the honor culture from their former owners, as the fights in the Senate generally involved members from the South).

      I suppose if I actually felt her honor was attacked, I would defend it.

  4. theobsidianfiles says:


    OK, so what would it take for you to step in another Man’s chest for dissing your Woman? It’s OK if you’re not much of a fighter, Man.


  5. ScottS says:

    I carry a gun when we are out and about, except for when I’m going to work, church, or any other place that does not permit it. I do not ever escalate a situation. If I ever have to pull my gun, I intend to be able to honestly say to myself and the authorities that I played no part in encouraging the other party to cross the line into physically hostile territory.

  6. Obsidian says:

    Do you have a license to conceal carry?


  7. ScottS says:

    Of course. I wouldn’t carry off of my property if I did not.

  8. aretae says:

    This is the kind of crap I see in the horribly racist cities:
    DC, Chicago, Boston, and I’d expect Hawaii…

    In Houston, no such crap. Sclerotic high-government areas cause racism because there are no jobs. High economic growth areas like Houston have racial harmony. Go figure.

  9. […] time after I discuss racial issues, Aretae points out that race relations are particularly bad in cities like Boston, Chicago and […]

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