Blogging may be light for the next few days while I travel to Brazil. Hopefully, I’ll have some great food, enjoy beautiful beaches, and avoid getting stabbed.


9 Responses to Brazil

  1. theobsidianfiles says:

    Here’s a crazy idea:

    Why not go somewhere where there aren’t any Black folks? That way, you won’t have to worry about getting stabbed. I’d recommend Finland, perhaps.


  2. theobsidianfiles says:

    No, I’m not. Honestly, I don’t know what the crime rate there is.

    What I am asking YOU is, if crime is a concern of yours-and it is by what you said above-why not go somewhere where it isn’t as big a concern? Since crime and race are correlated-I don’t think you would disagree-then why not go to a destination where there are very few of those who are more prone to crime are likely to be? I suggest Finland.

    Your response-or, do you have more word game dodgy questions for me instead?

    LOL Man up, Foseti. It’s OK to be an irrational bigot…


  3. theobsidianfiles says:

    Hi Foseti,
    You can decline to go, on the grounds that you are very concerned about your personal safety. If your job tries to fire you, you have grounds for a lawsuit, based on the crime data of Brazil and where you are bein asked to go. *shrugs*

    I’m sure you make enough to travel to such a friendly and White place as Finland. Being a rather small country, I’m sure they will welcome your tourist dollars.


  4. Zanon says:

    You are a hilarious Obsidian.

  5. theobsidianfiles says:

    Why do you say that? Please explain?


  6. ScottS says:

    Because your “you’re an irrational bigot” meme is tired and played out, yet you keep hammering with it like it’s fresh and new. Don’t you have anything else?

  7. Obsidian says:

    Hi Scot,
    So long as you guys keep beating a dead HBD horse?


    Next question?



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