Diversity and hierarchy

I think that diversity without hierarchy is chaos.

Many time after I discuss racial issues, Aretae points out that race relations are particularly bad in cities like Boston, Chicago and DC.

In other words, race relations are bad in Northern, progressive cities with lots of minorities. Race relations are fine among the liberal people of Portland, OR, for example, but the city has no minorities to speak of.

I think this begs one obvious question: why aren’t race relations worse in Southern cities? Surely racial pressures would be worse in Birmingham than in Boston, right? Apparently not.

The only answer I can think of is the reactionary answer that the South has maintained some hierarchy while the North has not.

Any other possible explanations?


6 Responses to Diversity and hierarchy

  1. robert61 says:

    Please look up “begging the question”. Ninety percent of the time you see it, it’s used incorrectly, which is of course an argument for the incorrect usage being correct. And yet there is a small group of readers – shall we call them the remnant? – that know what it actually means, or anyway meant. Join.

  2. aretae says:

    As always, my explanation is almost opposite.

    I expect race issues to be bad anywhere there are large quantities of multiple races AND poor economic prospects. If there aren’t LOTS of a minority (Portland) there won’t be issues. If there aren’t economic issues like folks can’t find jobs (Houston)there won’t be issues. However, with government heavily interfering in the job market and heavily taxing, thus preventing job creation (DC, Illinois, Massachussets, Hawaii), you get many minorities, not enough jobs, and LOTS of resentment.

  3. icr says:

    Southerners are more polite-I knew KKK’ers back in the old days who became disgustingly polite when blacks made an appearance- and better armed. The two things tend to go together. MA, IL and DC are probably the three worst places in the Soviet-Yankee nation when it comes to the right of self-defense for non-criminals.

  4. I live in Boston/Cambridge, MA and have never noticed any problems with race relations. My neighborhood is about 35% black but I’ve never witnessed any sort of problems, crime, glares, or been exposed any sort of anti-white comments. I’ve sometimes played pickup football with some young black dudes who probably live in the projects, again without any problems. One time I was in a neighborhood in Boston closer to roxbury, my cell phone was out of batteries, and I needed to make a call. A black woman saw me trying to use a broken pay phone, and offered to lend me her cellphone. I quite thankfully used her phone to make the call.

    I have run into some of the problems Foseti mentioned in other cities. For instance I had the exact same thing happen to me in DC, I was crossing the street with a walk sign, a car was trying to make a right turn and almost hit me, and the women shouted at me, “Stupid white boy!”. In New Haven a couple of my friends got mugged. In Philly I sometimes see graffiti like, “Fuck you yuppies” or “fuck the crackers”.

    My explanation for the racial harmony in Boston:

    – the areas that I live are more gentrified. As a result the black people who live there are more middle class, and the white people are more SWPL. I don’t hang around any neighborhoods with any of the old Boston ethnic toughs (those neighborhoods don’t even really exist anymore). My view of racism in Boston might be different if I lived in the blocks between Dorchester and Southie.

    – Cambridge has a very active and visible police force, and is well below the tipping point in crime. Thugs can’t really expect to get away with dealing drugs on a corner or mugging someone. The city as a whole is only ~15% black, and about half of those are immigrants who tend to have less of a chip on their shoulder in the first place. As a result, crime is very low. In Dorchester, crime is more of a problem, but I never go there.

    The economy in Cambridge/Boston is doing quite well, because of government. Boston is a cathedral city it makes money primarily off of universities, plus insurance, finance, government funded labs and institutes, and government offices. Thus it is has weathered the recession much better than cities that have real industries.

    DC is also doing well economically, because it also a beneficiary of an irresponsible federal government.

  5. K(yle) says:

    “I expect race issues to be bad anywhere there are large quantities of multiple races AND poor economic prospects.”

    As someone else pointed out, that doesn’t explain DC, which has a great economy. This Marxist dialectic explanation for everything gets old.

    Clearly mankind is evolved to work wages for dollars in an urban environment and obviously the primal instincts being subverted by denying people the ability to work as retail clerks drives populations into mutual animosity specifically along ethnic lines.

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