Random thought

Every society is born with enemies who accompany it in silence until they ambush it at night and slit its throat.

Don Colacho

Those on the right would do well to remember that America’s enemy is not the Jews, but the Protestants.


8 Responses to Random thought

  1. icr says:

    A lot of the Catholics aren’t so hot either.

  2. Jehu says:

    Protestants ARE America (the modal individual in the US is a white Protestant of Euro ancestry). If you examine the polls, white evangelicals are the most anti-illegal immigration of any group in the US. Mainline protestants and Catholics and Jews are worse on this issue. Atheists may well be the worst of all. The issue isn’t so much a Protestant, Jewish, or Catholic issue (even among Jews, most are against illegal immigration, although the margin is thin). It is an elite issue. Protestants have the same problem as society at large. They are betrayed by their elites who want to take whatever position gives them the most status. Most of the less liberal elements in denominations frankly aren’t willing to go about the necessary fisticuffs to keep or wrest control of their denominations from elites that are hostile to their interests, which is a source of frustration to me. My first instinct is to draw most of my enemies onto clear ground where they can readily be branded as theological heretics and destroy them. Abortion is IMO the most effective area for this, as such a purge would deplete the numbers of the remaining heretics such that they could be expelled in a second purge fairly easily. Unfortunately, most of those among my allies are really averse to confrontation so I’m really, really tempted to force the issue by being deliberately although plausibly deniably inflammatory.

  3. Jehu says:

    If you look at the polls on illegal immigration broken down by denomination, you’ll see a similar elite/non-elite divide, even in liberal mainline denominations like the Methodists.
    My namesake had some pretty effective methods for dealing with false prophets. I really can’t stand ‘New Testament Christianity’ when it becomes unmoored from its Old Testament context. Can anyone name a nation that was primarily Christian that historically declined to resist invasion for ‘Christian’ reasons before 1950? I can’t, and by the test outlined in my Sola Scriptura or Solo Scriptura post, it is obscene arrogance to presume that modern elite Christians in the West must be right and pretty much the entire Communion of the Saints wrong.

    • Foseti says:

      Perhaps I should have made my point more clear.

      I agree that Protestantism and America go hand in hand. But that was sort of the point of the Colacho quote. The true enemy is always within.

      This articlefrom *Time *in 1942 is Mencius Moldbug’s favorite primary source (which is saying something).

      The document lays out the desires of the protestant establishment.

      This is disease from within. It is, as you’ll see if you read the article, a terrifying disease.

  4. Jehu says:

    For an illustration of the gulf between the white evangelical churchgoer and their denominational leadership.

    The rank and file of the white evangelical denominations, and to a lesser degree, of Catholic and Mainline Protestant denominations are pretty much all there is in resistance to the displacement of the white of Euro ancestry as the demographic hegemon in the US. You are correct that the elite within the churches (particularly at the denominational level) have been our enemies for a LONG time. They need to be purged. But can you name an elite in the US that DOESN’T?

    I get the impression that a fair number of folks who are on my side on the existential issue of demographic hegemony have a great deal of ill will towards Christianity for this reason (the treason of its elites). I have a question for you. Your answer may give me additional ammunition, but I’m happy for just the information.

    If a denomination were to utterly purge its leadership of anyone with even a hint of anti-white or anti-male sentiment, or anyone who breathed a positive breath about open borders or any other trendy liberal cause, would you entertain joining it and accepting the Gospel?

    • Foseti says:

      Hmm . . . that’s hard for me to answer. I could certainly see myself supporting such a denomination, it’s harder for me to see myself joining or accepting the Gospel.

      I think Catholicism was one of the more successful (if ultimately unsuccessful) opponents of progressivism. That certainly makes me sympathetic to Catholicism, but it doesn’t necessarily make me a believer.

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