The modern view of crime

People nowadays seem to view some sorts of crime as a given. The other day, a notice went up on my neighborhood listserv that thefts from cars were on the increase (the passive is intentional as that’s how it’s always written). Basically, it’s taken as a given that if you leave anything of marginal value in your car, someone will break in and take it.

Many people don’t even report this sort of crime, as they seem to believe that if they leave something in their car it’s their own fault if it gets taken.

Nothing better illustrates this absurd belief than this new story. There’s so much crime that they’re going to criminalize those who make criminal activities easier. Blame the victim is being taken to a whole new extreme.


One Response to The modern view of crime

  1. Steve Johnson says:

    That is an amazingly clear example of anarcho-tyranny.

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