DC schools follow-up

I’ve posted on this topic before, so I thought I’d follow up. Michelle Rhee is leaving. She’s being replaced by her right-hand woman:

In Henderson [the replacement], Gray [the new mayor – once the election is held] inherits someone in tune with Rhee on the fundamentals of education reform, especially the belief that teacher quality is the most important determinant of student success. Rhee and Henderson worked together at the New Teacher Project, a teacher recruiting nonprofit group that Rhee founded and ran before she was appointed by Fenty in June 2007. Henderson was a vice president for the group.

My guess is that Henderson stays on as the permanent Chancellor. My guess is based on two factors: 1) Henderson will basically continue Rhee’s policies – the new mayor runs the risk of being the retard that re-wrecked DC’s schools if he doesn’t continue Rhee’s policies; and 2) this is what Henderson looks like – I going out on a limb and suggesting that Henderson will be less offensive to DC’s black population than a Korean woman.


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