Weekly Standard begs for more Bernanke dollars

Everywhere I look today, I see GBFM.

Here’s the Weekly Standard demanding that Republicans not cut-off the flow of Bernanke dollars to keep Americans fighting foreign wars.

All we need now is a Tucker Max tie-in . . .


One Response to Weekly Standard begs for more Bernanke dollars

  1. greatbooksformen GBFM says:

    lzozozolzozolzozl zwhat they should do da neoocns is fund a tucker max tank which will shot up da anal cavities zlozozlzwhile it was scertely taped and then sel the book rights to sodom and shcutser for the next book with asshole the wrod asshole in the title you see that the neocn standadth is to focus on butthex all the way wevery day butthexingand deouslinghe womenz ans they butthex the dollar trnasferring al the risk to th epeopel whor work for it and al the ewlth to themselves lzozlzozl as ther eis no risk in printing a dollar and yfunding an irs and police state to butthex the peiopel lead by ticker max rhhuems with goldman sax lzozlzolozlzlzlozoz z sometime i think that ithis is all a dream we will soon awwake form the greta bitthexing of westenr cvilciazinoon and benrnkifiatcion of all the world and shich girls womenz and enetiretey lozlzz

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