Columbus Day

I didn’t post anything regarding Columbus Day, but I did enjoy my day off. Here’s what I wish I had posted, from Ilkka:

Meanwhile, speaking of dead men, both North and South Americans celebrated Columbus Day after the famous explorer who brought the gifts of diversity and multiculturalism to an indigenous bunch of bitter clingers who wanted to maintain their "traditional" lifestyle and thought that they actually "own" their historical homelands and could exclude all others from moving in, just because their ancestors used to reside there. Seriously, people actually used to believe that and spout hateful rhetoric of how these immigrants were dirty "invaders" who brought in "diseases"! Amazingly, such backward view still prevails in many places on Earth… at least until we all join our hands and "Imagine" no countries or possessions, and tear down all borders and walls that prevent people and workers from moving wherever they want.


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