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Despite my extreme right-wing politics, I really have no brief for the Aryan Brotherhood and know very little about it. However, if you wanted the AB to become a major force in America, you would follow pretty much the same policies we’re following with the Taliban.

First, you’d ask: why does the AB exist? The reason is obvious – the AB exists because of the grievances of Aryans. Therefore, to suppress the AB, USG needs to win Aryan hearts and minds. Why don’t Aryans support their legitimate government? What is USG doing wrong? The first step, I’d argue, is to survey Aryans for their feelings about Washington. Also, we should carefully examine Aryan grievances and make sure USG is not constantly "shooting itself in the foot" by alienating its Aryan citizens with callous, heavy-handed, anti-Aryan policies.

Second, we need to engage with the AB, which after all is the only voice of America’s disaffected Aryan population. High-level talks should begin at once. Obviously, we should be engaging with moderate Aryan leaders who are willing to repudiate the hardcore Aryan radicals. Our hope is to bring the AB into a new, kinder and gentler Washington. This is our only exit strategy, as there is clearly no military solution to the Aryan problem. The new, domesticated AB will also have to renounce meth, ugly tattoos, Hitler, meth, and other Appalachian affectations.

Once leading Aryan moderates have grown their hair out and sprung for (USG-funded) tattoo removal, we should give them high positions in the government. Aryans are historically very committed to the environment – or at least, Hitler was. So EPA might be a good role in which a moderate Aryan leader could develop his talents. They are also violent, so we should consider DoD. And there’s FDA – Aryan expertise in chemistry is well-known. Clearly, once Tom Metzger is Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Aryan peoples of America will see that Washington is now a government of consent which responds to their concerns. Aryan violence will dwindle away and disappear. Problem solved!

Replace Aryans with Pashtoons, and you have exactly what USG (or, I believe, "ZOG") is doing in Afghanistan. . . .

I know what the AB is. If you treated it in the way I "propose," however, it would become a legitimate white-nationalist political party, and probably take over the country. Its criminal origins would be remembered only as a curiosity. Or it might even be illegal to mention them, or at least politically incorrect.

My modest proposal for the AB is exactly how we are treating the Taliban in Afghanistan. Sure enough, I predict that the Taliban will be in full power in Afghanistan, in less than five years. Anyone want to take the other side of that bet? Anyone want to try the experiment, with the AB? I’m sure they’ll be game if you are. And considering the USG we have now, really – if Washington was run by meth-addicted skinhead bikers, how much worse could it get.

Similarly, I hypothesize, if the Taliban were treated as a criminal organization, it could be reduced to the stature of a prison gang – if not disappearing entirely.


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  1. tom metzger says:

    Cool! Good idea .I like that. Tom Metzger Insurgent

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