On female suffrage

Interesting thoughts here.

I’d like to deny suffrage to a lot people, fat people, people who don’t own land, people who aren’t net tax-payers, criminals, and non-citizens (it’s crazy that I have to add this one, but I do). I’d probably even add people that don’t have children – democracy is short-sighted enough as it is.

I’m fine adding women to the list, but then I’m with adding anything to the list that reduces the number of people who have the "right" to vote.

3 Responses to On female suffrage

  1. Jehu says:

    I’ll be honest, I’m for removing suffrage from any group that statistically votes in ways that I’m opposed to, including groups that contain me. I’m way more focused on outcomes than I am on whether I get to cast a ballot. That means I’m in favor of disenfranchising the following groups:
    Non net taxpayers, on a lifetime to date basis
    Anyone with a PhD or an Ivy League degree
    Anyone with an IQ less than 92 or so (the military’s cutoff)
    Women and anyone who is not or was never subject to the draft should one be called (you have to pay for what amounts to options in the stock market sense in the real world)
    Most minorities
    Anyone who takes a paycheck from the federal government in federal elections or a lower level of government in those elections
    Anyone who claims a protected class status in civil rights terms, I’d make you choose protected status or suffrage, you can’t have both.

    Of course, almost all of the above are nonstarters politically, except maybe non-net taxpayers.

  2. LB says:

    democracy is short-sighted enough as it is

    True enough, but why focus on limiting suffrage by demographic? Why retain an electoral system at all, and not simply eliminate suffrage entirely?

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