The decline and fall of the American Empire

The Rally to Restore Douche-dom, er Sanity or whatever is this weekend.

Lots of the roads around my house are going to be closed. Great.

It’ll be interesting to compare this rally to the Glenn Beck rally and the immigration rally, which have been the only big rallies since I moved back to DC. In both of those cases, buses parked at the edge of my neighborhood and dropped people off to walk to the Mall. This meant that my nice weekend in the park with my dog and my reactionary literature was ruined by hordes of people walking to the Mall. I’ll report back the festivities and do my best to avoid any hippie-punching incidents.

In the meantime, enjoy this sign of our decline.

3 Responses to The decline and fall of the American Empire

  1. LB says:

    This makes me happy I no longer live in DC. Almost as happy I was with my choice not to get out of town for inauguration. Election night was bad enough.

  2. B Lode says:

    I think you picked an odd place to live.

    I lived in DC too for a while, but I was mildly left-of-center at the time, and I found the place to shriekingly vapid. Signs everywhere commanded, “Don’t be gay … BE A FAG!” A thuggy-looking individual tried to sell me stolen jewelry as I sat on bench in sight of the White House and Old Executive Office Building.

    The city’s main cultural advantage was pretty much the same as every other city in Margin Country – lots of Thai restaurants.

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