The German question

The Economist tackles the German question. They do a lame job of it, because their The Economist. Conventional wisdom and fear of offending anyone (but Germans) rings from every word. The result is, therefore, muddled.

However, the question is fascinating. Germany is emerging from the recession as the only serious country in Europe. How will this play out?

I don’t know, but it’s worth watching.

3 Responses to The German question

  1. samsonsjawbone says:

    I read somewhere a while ago – maybe you read it too? Maybe it was even on your blog? – that the economic crisis and associated bailouts have accomplished the unthinkable: re-legitimizing German nationalism. Interesting times.

    • Erik says:

      It’s fascinating to consider that remark six years on, when German nationalism appears to be perhaps getting re-legitimized once again by the influx of a million barbarous Merkeljugend – and yet, it’s still illegitimate as I write.

  2. Victor says:

    Their should be spelled they’re.

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