Quote of the day

November 30, 2010

From Zero Hedge:

Interpol has just issued an international arrest warrant for Julian Assange. The offense listed: SEX CRIMES. . . . Unclear if Ben Bernanke will follow suit in the same Sex Crime category for repeated involuntary fornication with the world’s middle class.

How to make reactionaries

November 30, 2010

Make people live near poor blacks – see the comments to this post about some recent crimes in my neighborhood (for reference, Potomac Gardens is Section 8 housing). I swear that I did not write any of the comments.

Update: be sure to watch the video from Red’s comment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJLDjSMqXLg&feature=player_embedded


November 30, 2010

From Dalrymple:

But what was really heartening was that, for the first time in the recent history of French rioting, la racaille (the scum), to use the president of the Republic’s judicious term, was racially very mixed, at least if the photographs published in the newspapers were anything to go by (which, of course, they might not be). Furthermore, again for the first time, members of the female gender participated fully and—according to reports—just as violently as the males.

There’s progress for you, and on two fronts—race and gender—simultaneously!

Suck it, plebes

November 29, 2010

"Foseti," I hear my commenters saying, "doesn’t a freeze on federal employees’ pay mean that you are wrong about how good it is to be a federal employee."

By now, dear reader, you should be aware that you can’t really freeze federal pay in any meaningful way. If you read the story carefully, you’ll see this:

The pay freeze would not affect bonuses or step increases for federal employees.

So basically, this only freezes pay increases for inflation. Since the official measures show inflation of 0%, this pay freeze isn’t exactly going to hurt. In total, the average federal employee in 2013 might be making about 3% less than he or she otherwise would be. Big deal. Many of us will get step increases or promotions or bonuses in the meantime.

German expansion

November 29, 2010

From Dr Dalrymple:

Angela Merkel has in effect become the new ruler of Ireland, a kind of 21st-century Henry II, using clout of the financial rather than the medieval kind. . . .

Assuming a zero rate of interest and no population growth, every man, woman, child and baby in Ireland would have to pay back $250 a year for 2,000 years to clear the debt (the precise figure, by my calculation, is 1,936 years, based on one estimate of Ireland’s total external debt, but what is 64 years among friends, or creditors?). . . .

I mean no disparagement of the Germans by the latter, however. It was not something that they sought. Rather it was something thrust upon them by their own diligence, industry and constant application of intelligence to the real rather than the virtual economy; and by their willingness to get-rich-slow, which was in such marked contrast to some other nations that I could name. Ireland is a morality tale, but not just for itself.

I am fascinated by the success of the German economy.

DC’s demographics

November 29, 2010

From Audacious Epigone:

The nation’s capital has undergone the most substantial demographic transition in the country over the last decade, as blacks have left en masse (DC lost a staggering one-fifth of its black population over the three year period), replaced by SWPLs who have heeded John Derbyshire’s prudent advice that people should do their best to get government jobs.

It really is good advice.

Juxtaposition of the day

November 29, 2010

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