Weekend report

This weekend brought hordes of people to DC for the rallies, the marine corps marathon and Halloween. Here are some rambling thoughts on the events:

1) Rallies

are a couple videos from the rallies on Saturday. It was a hilariously white crowd – particularly in the SWPL sense of the word. I saw multiple people wearing wine backpacks walking to the rally. The local stores immediately ran out of artisan bread and cheese.

I really have no idea what the rallies were for. Based on my observations, the rally-goers seemed to agree that irony was funny. Perhaps it was a rally in support of irony. The irony of it all, was that the rally-goers were trying to criticize rallies, by going to a rally.

Most conservative sites have noted how white the rally was. Few have pointed out how gross the rally-goers were. I saw any number of people that would have been at home among the people of Walmart. The rally was supposed to be a rally of the upper class – the elite. If that was the upper class, standards among the upper class have gone to shit. I saw one incredibly obese girl in a mini-skirt and some sort of costume on top that I still can’t get out of my head. I think she was supposed to be a princess. Perhaps she was the perfect poster-child for American decline. A fat, slutty chick attending a rally in support of nothing – the Princess of American decline. I would have thought that the irony rally would have at least brought more attractive women to the DC area than the Glenn Beck rally, but I was sadly mistaken.

The mainstream media is saying that the rally this weekend was bigger than the Glenn Beck rally. I have no idea. I certainly saw more Glenn Beck rally-goers than I saw irony-rally-goers this weekend. However, this weekend’s rally-goers blend in among the locals much better than the Beck rally-goers, so it’s impossible to say.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s over. DC has enough ironic hippies as it is. In sum, I’d suggest that rallies and "sanity" are mutually exclusive. Sane people spend their weekends with their families and in their own neighborhoods. They don’t go to DC and hang out on the Mall all day.

2) Halloween

Halloween in my neighborhood is an incredible mix of ghetto black-folk returning to "their" old neighborhood and SWPLs with children. SWPLs love Halloween. If SWPL-dom has an official holiday, it’s Halloween.

The demographic apocalypse of SPWL-dom and ghetto black-folk that is Halloween in my neighborhood is incredible. I sat on the steps, drank heavily, and handed out candy all evening.

For some reason, black-folks don’t seem to understand that it’s inappropriate for grown-ups that are not in costume to trick-or-treat. The first time that a middle aged black women held out a bag for me to put candy in, I was completely confused.

The highlight of the evening for me was when two black women who look like they’ve enjoyed their fair share of crack came asking for candy. Of course, I obliged. They said nothing, I merely put some candy in their bag as if it was some sort of tax – a tax for living near a large concentration of black people, perhaps. As they walked away, one of them said, "this shit is killing me." Indeed, it’s killing all of us.

I should have taken pictures, as it’s really impossible to describe the scene of elderly black people who are not dressed in costume trick-or-treating next to 4-year-old SWPL kids in incredibly elaborate costumes. Perhaps it’s also, in its own way, a perfect symbol of American decline.


3 Responses to Weekend report

  1. theobsidianfiles says:

    Hi Foseti,
    OK. Let’s take this one part at a time, since you’ve said quite a bit.

    1. I take it that you are not a very happy person, given the topics that you continually blog about. If indeed America is in decline, then what point is there for you to do anything?

    3. My sister held a huge Halloween party 4 a gazillion kids the other night. There were plenty of adults in attendance, including myself. None of us adults attempted to get any of the candy, or go out into the hood to trick or treat. Those adults that were out there took their kids out trick or treating.

    I say all this to say, on what credible basis do you say what you just did above? On the very anecdotal basis of a few Black older adults you’ve happened to have seen? What gives?

    2. On the rally: fat gals have existed long before the 21st century in America, and that didn’t stop this country’s ascension into super power status. Moreover, what is it that you have against “SWPLs”? What have they don’t to you that so much venom drips from your keyboard as you write? I can smell the stench of contempt you have for them-why? Please explain how they are messing up your life?

    I’ll hold here. Thanks!


    • Foseti says:

      1) I consider myself a very happy person. I don’t expect to be able “to do anything” about the decline. I find it darkly amusing.

      3) I have no basis other than anecdote to say what I said. I had several hundred trick-or-treaters last night. Somewhere around 60% of them were black. I had 50+ grown adults asking for/take candy. 100% of them were black. That’s my basis – admittedly, it’s anecdotal. I’m not saying 100% of black adults trick-or-treated, but I’m saying that 100% of adults that trick-or-treated were black. It’s pretty weird for me (I’m 29) to be giving candy to a sixty-year-old.

      2) I don’t have contempt for SWPLs. I enjoy living near them. I think it’s funny that they think they are unique, open and accepting when, in fact, they behave in incredibly predictable ways.

  2. […] his smug SWPL rally last weekend, Jon Stewart asked for more “civility” in American political discourse. […]

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