Things I’d be blogging

. . . if it weren’t for the new kid. By the way, he was born Tuesday night – I feel like the universe is messing with me, given that his birthday was election day. Everyone is doing well.

Anyway, I thought I’d a quick rundown of this I would be blogging if I had more time:

  • Did you know that the Federal Government has already started bailing out state governments? Now you do.
  • Dysgenics is happening. That means that if you oppose eugenics, you – tacitally, at least – support dysgenics.
  • Zed, at the Spearhead, has a nice rundown of the changing definition of marriage. The major takeaway is that “marriage” as it was known in the recent past has been abolished.
  • Radley Balko says that the media isn’t liberal – it’s statist. This is a silly libertarian position. Everyone that works for the state is liberal. So there’s no practical difference between a statist media and liberal media. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the election results in DC. The Democratic Party gets Soviet levels of support. Of course, the Soviet elections were fake. I’m not sure what DC’s excuse is.
  • Tyler Cowen thinks that Yglesias is smart for believing that America needs to import Mexicans into to maintain hegemony in the world. Obviously this is because: 1) the only way to maintain the population of the US is through unchecked immigration (not in, for example, ceasing to discriminate against family formation); and 2) Mexico is such a dominant world power that it will benefit the US to bring in some of the best minds from Mexico (heh).
  • Obisidian’s blog got taken down by WordPress. My take is the same as Ferdinand’s. Anyone know of a blog hosting platform that doesn’t police speech?
  • Arnold Kling and Bryan Caplan have a bet (see here and here). Arnold believes that the US will become a one party state, which is controlled by the Democrats. Arnold will lose the bet, but in substance, he is correct. The Republican Party of the future will still exist, but it will be well to the left of the modern Democratic Party. Arnold will have to pay Bryan, but he’s not wrong.
  • Unchecked immigration is responsible for Harry Reid winning re-election. If you support such immigration, you support Harry Reid, and those like him. Incidentally, the Sailer strategy is working just fine.
  • Dennis Mangan links to a disgusting post by a black dude telling whites to enjoy the good things in life while they last – those good things apparently won’t last when the whites are out of power. Someone should remind the black dude that he better enjoy his fancy car, his gold rims, and his diamond stud earrings. After all, if these aren’t prevalent in places where the blacks have taken over, like Zimbabwe.

12 Responses to Things I’d be blogging

  1. Jehu says:

    Congratulations on your little reactionary.
    Also, regarding Mangan’s post. Tim Wise isn’t black, he’s a Jew working hard to rehabilitate the Nazis.

    • Foseti says:

      Wow. Even worse than I imagined!

      • He’s not condemning all white people, just the red state white people. And technically he’s not arguing for their physical defeat, just their permanent political defeat.

        Wise’s language is certainly vitriolic. But the striking thing is not the vitriol but the ignorance. I mean, if you actually believed the white right is as bad as the progressive narrative believes, then the vitriol could be justified to some extent. Neither you nor Moldbug is above a bit vitriol now and then. What’s remarkable though, is that he’s bought into the progressive narrative so thoroughly that he actually believes that the “white right” is the source of all evil, and that somehow destroying them as a counter balancing force will be a good thing.

  2. The more I read, the less I see the Nazis as an aberration from the human potential.

  3. Brigid says:


    Brigid (shooting buddy of Borepatch)

  4. Carter says:


  5. Carter says:

    “Tyler Cowen thinks that Yglesias is smart”

    I stopped reading there, because I was laughing.

  6. Buckethead says:

    Congrats again on the little one.

    Radley’s take on media statism struck me as useful. At least he’s giving it a name that is more apt, and accurate, even if the underlying reality is essentially the same.

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