The anti-Sailer strategy

The WSJ has an op-ed saying that the Sailer strategy won’t work.

The Sailer strategy is a strategy to keep the Republican Party electorally-viable in an increasingly non-white America. The Sailer strategy is for the Republicans to appeal directly to whites. By way of example, see the South.

I’ve always understood the Sailer strategy slightly differently. The Democratic Party wants to paint itself as the minority party. In America, "minority" can generally be substituted for "black" without losing meaning (and generally with gaining meaning). The problem is that no one (not even a significant percentage of blacks) wants to be governed by the black party. So, as I’ve understood it, the Sailer strategy is for the Republicans to obtain support of whites and other minorities by essentially agreeing with the Democrats that the latter is, in fact, the black (er, diverse) party. Again, this is my understanding, not the common understanding.

Blacks typically vote Democratic in numbers comparable to fake Soviet citizens voting for Stalin. So the strategy – as I understand it – shouldn’t be all that difficult to implement.

Anyway, here’s the editorial. Unfortunately, it’s useless, since it doesn’t suggest how the Republicans can garner the support of minorities without embracing the massive transfer of wealth from taxpayers to non-taxpayers (i.e. from whites to non-whites).


3 Responses to The anti-Sailer strategy

  1. Carter says:

    Produce a telenovela about the awesomeness of capital gains tax cuts.

  2. Jehu says:

    The Sailer strategy is the only strategy the Republicans can pursue if they want to remain electorally viable in a form that present-day Republicans would recognize. The first and most essential step of implementing it is to eject all of the illegal immigrants you can and discourage any more from coming. Retroactively getting rid of birthright citizenship for children of illegals is your next step. The step after that is to get rid of affirmative action entirely for Hispanics and basically everyone but blacks who have almost all of their ancestry from the US since before the Civil War (obviously the step after that is to get rid of AA entirely). Once you’ve done this, the hispanic voting block will fission into several others, some of which will become absorbed into the White Euro block—basically anyone with a surname like Garcia that’s mostly European will be forced into your corner since they’ll no longer have common self-interest with the more Mexican hispanics.

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