Blacks and gays

The interactions between DC’s large gay population and large black population are interesting to the select few of us who pay attention.

DC’s gays tend to be wealthy and urban, while DC’s blacks tend to be poor and urban. The gays are also the pioneers of gentrification – the first wealthy people who begin to re-civilize poor, black sections of the city are almost always gay.

As an aside, this reason alone is enough to make me support gay marriage in DC. More gays in DC means more gentrification and fewer crime-filled neighborhoods.

The interesting aspect of the relationship is that it often becomes apparent that blacks don’t really like gays – this despite the fact that so many of the gays in DC work for causes like "equality" and "tolerance." There have been a slew of gay-bashings of late (all committed by blacks).

The fact that these crimes are always black-on-gay is never mentioned.

When two protected classes collide, what happens?

We’ll find out, but so far the answer seems to be a remarkable silence.


4 Responses to Blacks and gays

  1. Genius says:

    At least in New York, the artists and students come to a slum neighborhood before the homosexuals.

  2. Jehu says:

    I remember talking with one of the few black (from the US) PhD’s around when we were both working on our degrees. I asked him why he and his cohorts were so down on male homosexuals. I said, after all, each male homosexual is just less competition for the women we want, isn’t it? His response was interesting,
    Jehu, you see the world in terms of scarcity, we see the world in terms of abundance.

  3. B Lode says:

    I myself doubt that homosexuality has a common definition from subculture to subculture.

    Once I heard something like, “The idea that a man who wants to have sex with other men is necessarily gay or bi- is a bourgeois idea. The working class concept is that a man is only gay if he wants to be penetrated.” I thought: I see; the bourgeoisie are right about everything else so I guess I’ll adopt their definition here too.

    Outside the fairly gay-friendly white upper & middle classes, people think in terms of strength versus weakness, not in terms of “sexual orientation”. Weakness is to be despised – and exploited. Someone who wants to be penetrated is weak and masochistic, and ergo deserves to be punished ultimately – by being penetrated.

    Hmmph. Odd logic but like I said, in my book the bourgeoisie are right about everything else too. This is why I steadfastly support tolerance toward gay and bi- folks. Tolerance includes decent police protection; it doesn’t include kowtowing to every whim.

    My sense is that whites have trouble relating to black hostility because we take it for a form of righteous indignation. We’re always trying to discover the “grievance” that led to the “moral outrage”. This misunderstands the nature of hostility in other cultures. Hostility is something the brain builds as a way of militating the group to action against the weak. Any small group, especially an effeminate group, will be hated because the hatred is contagious. A large, angry, mannish group beats a small, frightened, womanish group every time.

    Google “white men are trained to be fags” and see what the poet laureate of New Jersey has to say on the subject. You can also google Hohmann’s study of how packs of female bonobos attack and dismember lone male bonobos.

    I highly doubt that effeminate heterosexual men are hated any less by the typical gay-basher.

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