Fusionism is the belief that libertarianism and conservatism are linked – or at least can work together.

TJIC is not a fusionist.

To summarize, the question is: are socially conservative beliefs related in any way to fiscally conservative beliefs?

I’ve had various opinions on this topic in the past. For a long time, I considered myself a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. I still hold some socially liberal beliefs (more on that later today, time permitting).

Now, I think I’ve come around to the position best expressed by Hans-Hermann Hoppe (which I often quote):

Thus, if one is indeed concerned about America’s moral decay and wants to restore normalcy to society and culture, one must oppose all aspects of the modern social-welfare state. A return to normalcy requires no less than the complete elimination of the present social security system: of unemployment insurance, social security, medicare, medicaid, public education, etc.—and thus the near complete dissolution and deconstruction of the current state apparatus and government power. If one is ever to restore normalcy, government funds and power must dwindle to or even fall below their nineteenth century levels. Hence, true conservatives must be hard-line libertarians (antistatists). . . .

The restoration of private property rights and laissez-faire economics implies a sharp and drastic increase in social “discrimination” and will swiftly eliminate most if not all of the multicultural-egalitarian life style experiments so close to the heart of the left libertarians. In other words, libertarians must be radical and uncompromising conservatives.

Let me try to summarize this position.

According to the Old Right (and Hoppe) the chief cause of America’s moral decay is the welfare state. Thus, it is impossible to favor a return to traditional morality without being a radical libertarian.

Similarly, in a free society, Hoppe believes discrimination would sharply increase. Hence, if you are a libertarian, you implicitly favor ending multiculturalism and egalitarianism.

In short, TJIC thinks this argument is "bullshit." I think it’s probably the only tenable position for any conservative – fiscal or social.


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